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Most people in Denmark who bear the name Biermann are descendants after Marie Cathrine and Johann Heinrich Bernhard Bierman. The Biermanns lived in Ostfriesland from about 1700. They were "arbeiter" (labourers) and worked the farmlands surrounding the parish towns of Hage and Nesse. In the 1860's some of the family moved to Hohenkirchen, a small village just north of Jever, in the Grand Duchy of Oldenburg, where my great-grandfather, Johann Heinrich Bernhard Biermann was born on May 11, 1862. JHB Biermann eventually moved to North Schleswig where he met his future wife, Marie Cathrine Johansen. At that time both Ostfriesland and Schleswig was under Preusian rule.

The Biermann Family



I'm Born in Nord Schleswig in Voyens. My father and most of his family were German citizens until 1920 when North Schleswig came under Danish rule. The family was divided when the referendum for Germany or for Denmark was hold in 1920.

Lidt om Nordslesvig



Today, it is often forgotten that the language conflict between German and Danish was a strange paradox. Ordinary people in Schleswig did not speak German or Danish. They spoke Platt or Synnejysk.




There are many different national and cultural minorities in Denmark. But only the German minority in North Schleswig is recognized as a national minority by the authorities and granted the rights that all minorities should have.




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