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Schani Biermann's research (Ostfriesland, Schleswig, Canada, Denmark)

Schani Biermann, Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada, has done extensive research over the past 10 years on the Biermann ancestry.

John Bierman's research (mainly USA)

John Bierman has researched the Biermann family in USA from around 1860 when Johann Harms Biermann and Harm Janssen Biermann immigrated to the US from Ostfriesland. The pdf file has 44 pages with a name index at the end.

The Book:

Emigrant Valsen

A History and Stories of the Biermann and Morgan Families

Author: Helmer Biermann - Editor: Schani Biermann

 Part 1: click to download

Chapter 1 Eala Frya Fresena: Ostfriesland History

Chapter 2 Dorf und Stadt: Friesland Communities

Chapter 3 Warf Arbeiter: Friesland Biermanns

Chapter 4 Biermanns Des Schleswig: Tandslet, Københoved, Vojens

Chapter 5 Empires in Conflict: German History

Chapter 6 Sønderjylland: Nord Slesvig: Plebiscite 1920

Chapter 7 Under Dannebroget: Some Danish History

 Part 2: click to download

Chapter 8 Heine von Københoved: Heinrich (Heine) Biermann: Life Story

Chapter 9 Maren Kathrine fra Bounum: Kathrine (Tut) Biermann: Life Story

Chapter 10 De Andere Davidsen Piger: Ovesens, Thomsens, Asta

Chapter 11 Dejlig Holmsland: Holmsland & Julsgaard

Chapter 12 Halvrimmens Laege: Dr. Alfred Julsgaard: Life Story

Chapter 13 Julsgaard i Aalborg: Erik Julsgaard & Family

Chapter 14 The Americans: Olga & the Colwells

 Part 3: click to download

Chapter 15 Helmer fra Skærbæk: Helmer Biermann: Life Story

Chapter 16 Memories with Music: Helmer Biermann: Part 2

Chapter 17 Gedanken & Begeisterung: Helmer Biermann: Part 3

Chapter 18 The Beauty Queen: Rosalie (Morgan) Biermann: Life Story

 Part 4: click to download

Chapter 19 Cathy & The Shamrocks: Cathy & Bernie

Chapter 20 Prairie Visits: Schani & Veronica

Chapter 21 The Business Leaders: Karl Edward & Cathy

 Part 5: click to download

Chapter 22 The Saint John Connection: Morgans, Cathers, Winchesters

Chapter 23 Eastcoast Connections: Atlantic Canada & Maine

Chapter 24 Loyalist City: Brief Saint John History

 Part 6: click to download

Chapter 25 The Broader Family: Andre Europa Biermanns (South Jylland)

Chapter 26 Kaiserliche Stadt: Vienna & the Austrians

Chapter 27 Den Danske Friske Land: Europe Visit: 1970-72

Chapter 28 Europa Igen: Europe Visit: 2003

Chapter 29 The Final Adventure: Europe Visit: 2005

Chapter 30 Special Tributes: Parents & Children

 Part 7: click to download

A collection of Helmer Biermanns Essays & Wrritings


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